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lyricalgreen's Journal

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26. University graduate. English major. Varied and random interests. Geek/nerd. Quiet at first but not stuck-up...just introverted and socially awkward. Crazy cat lady that also loves dogs. Huge Beatles fan. Wannabe British person. Cat mom and cat foster mom. Caregiver.

I most ramble about personal things, but if you're interested for whatever odd reason, feel free to friend/request an add.
acceptance, adele, alexander mcqueen, alice in wonderland, amethysts, anderson cooper, aneurin barnard, animals, art, baking, bbc, bethenny frankel, board games, bones, bravo, british comedy, burberry, caregiving, cats, cheryl cole, childcare, chocolate, cold weather, consignment shops, cooking, criminal minds, dashboard confessional, doctor who, documentaries, dogs, downton abbey, drawing, education, eliza doolittle, emeralds, england, epilepsy awareness, equal rights, eric idle, event planning, facts, family, fantasy, fashion, fawlty towers, fibromyalgia awareness, finding recipes, game of thrones, gardening, george harrison, ghost hunters, girls aloud, glee, harry potter, history, horseback riding, horses, hot tea, house, ice skating, interior decorating, italian food, iwan rheon, jane austen, japanese food, jeopardy, john lennon, journaling, kyle richards, law, learning, linda mccartney, liverpool, london, lord of the rings, matthew gray gubler, meditation, modern family, monty python, movies, museums, music, musical theatre, october, once upon a time, oscar wilde, painting, parkinson's awareness, paul mccartney, peace, photography, positivity blogging, psychology, public relations, pushing daisies, rain, reading, real housewives, reese's cups, religion, rhoa, rhobh, rhodc, rhom, rhonj, rhony, rhooc, ringo starr, sapphires, science fiction, sean ono lennon, self-improvement, skinnygirl, sociology, spencer reid, spring awakening, stella mccartney, swimming, syfy, taylor swift, television, thai food, the beatles, the color green, the feeling, the hunger games series, the ocean, the saturdays, the strain series, theatre, thrift stores, top chef, traveling, trivia, true blood, truffles, uk, writing, writing letters, yellow roses, yoga, yoko ono, zynga games